Corona Virus. 24/03/2020

In line with the measures that came in to effect Today, we will be temporarily closing all areas of the business.
This includes all retail sales, deliveries, Installations and servicing.

Due to the large number of homes we would normally visit during a working day we feel the risk to our
customers and staff are far too great for us to be able to offer any services during this time.

We will continue to follow the governments guidelines and keep this page updated when anything changes.
We hope that together we can slow the progress of this virus, but we can only do this by working together and staying safe.

Thank you for your understanding and ultimately your patience.

The team at Tooby's

Introducing Freeview Play

Welcome to a simpler way to enjoy catch up TV, many of us are now regular users of the catch up services offered by the main channels in the UK. But finding the program or episode can be a real test of your memory, especially when some one tells you about a great program they have watched and you have missed!, what was it called again?

Freeview play integrates all the main catch up services in the regular program guide that we are familiar with, missed a program on Thursday evening? then simply scroll back in the guide find the program and Freeview Play will trot off and bring you that program using your WiFi connection.

Best of all once you have bought your Freeview play device it's free of ongoing subscriptions.

Panasonic Freeview Play

How do get I Freeview play?

There are two ways to get Freeview Play, Selected models of Panasonic Televisions have it built in ready to go! or you can add it to your existing Television using a Freeview Play recorder from our friends at Humax, as you would expect Tooby's stock all these products and have them on display ready and waiting to give you a hands on demonstration.

What else do I need?

Your Freeview play device connects to your existing TV aerial and to your home WiFi or internet router via an Ethernet cable. For reliable playback be recommend an internet speed of 3mbps, if you are not sure what speed you get we can offer advice on how to test it.

Using the catchup services on Freeview play will be counted in to any download allowance you may have.

Freeview Play WiFi

So call in and see just how easy to use the Freeview Play service is and check out our great range of products!





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